On-Court Athletics

"The On court 100 has been the biggest influence on my basketball life, which spans 51 years now. Mark Grabow's insight into developing skills, footwork, and conditioning of a basketball player has provided me with depth to my teaching, especially in the area of improving a player's shooting and practicing his shot at game speed."

- Herb Livsey
Scout, Atlanta Hawks

"Mark Grabow's innovative and cutting edge player development drills have impacted my career greatly. This book is a must read for any player or coach who wants to go to another level in the basketball world."

- André Smith
Player Development Coach

"The On-Court 100" is simply the best basketball coaches resource available. This creative comprehensive book allows a coach at any level to keep his drills both fresh and effective. It is truly a year around reference book on everything from individual shooting drills to team conditioning."

- Eric Reveno
Head Basketball Coach, University of Portland

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In 1996, after ten years of coaches clinics, lectures and demonstrations both in the U.S and internationally, Mark Grabow had received numerous requests from basketball coaches from around the world to put his innovative and creative work on paper.

One year later, Mark completed the first edition of The On Court 100. Ten years and four printings later, it has served as one of the most comprehensive and valuable resources a basketball coach can use in the development of players.

The On Court 100 is now comprised of more than 200 exercises which include warm-ups, conditioning, agility, catch and shoot and Big Man drills, is unlimited in its scope and application and will serve the Head Coach and\ or assistants in any number of developmental areas. In keeping with the philosophy of On Court Athletics, the drills progress from basic to more game specific, and caters to all levels of play from youth to professional.

Above all, The On Court 100 is devoted to one goal and one goal only; to offer the most creative yet specific exercises a coach can apply to see his or her players improve throughout the year.

For players at any level, there are three things that will keep them coming back each day with a sense of eagerness and a desire to improve. First, you must challenge them with new ideas and drills that are creative yet position specific. Second, the drills must tap into their competitiveness. Last, and above all, players love to have the ball in their hands. By combining all three of these elements, the practices and individual workouts will be of the highest quality so coaches will see improvement in both fitness and skill level of each player.

The On Court 100 continues to expand and grow in its wealth of information, and will continue to reach all corners of the basketball world as coaches constantly search for new and creative ways to train their players. The On Court 100 is a "must have" for any coach who wishes to see their players reach their full potential.